Well I guess I have moved my blog.

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Spaces is no longer a blogging site, at least they moved most of my posts to WordPress.com I don’t like the way they moved my name but oh well. I am really hoping to blog more about Virtual news (VMware and Hyper-V) and our Disney adventures. (With some politics thrown in.)

Have fun.

Hello world!

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This says it all

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January Thoughts


So my daughter became an official adult this week (19 – ugh, now I do feel old) I am installing a new server at a client’s office this weekend, and tomorrow the United States will install its 44th president.

I watched CNN, ABC and MSNBC just fawn all over him and contrast the coverage with George W. Bush and find it quite disgusting. While it is special that a mixed race person was elected as President of the United States, I have been told all of my life that I should "judge people by the content of their character not the color of their skin". I am more focused on his socialist and social engineering tendencies than on the fact that his father was black. I have to take him at his word (Since I am judging him by the content of his character) He says that he will allow openly gay people to serve in the US Military. He will have to get congress to overturn the ban. I think it will be hard to get a majority of Democrats to go along with that though. I would think that he would have learned from President Clinton but evidently he is slow on the uptake. Will he follow through with his socialized healthcare? If he does not recognize what President Clinton made a mistake on, how can he recognize the mistake that Hillary almost made.  I hope that he does not destroy the fabric of America in the next 4 years. His tendencies, friends and financiers are socialist/leftist. I truly believe that the “Credit Crisis” that occurred during the campaign was cooked up by Secretary Henry Paulson in league with BHO. (Yes he was a Democrat appointed by President Bush). My many thanks to President Bush, for keeping us safe this last 7 years. I just read a news article that BHO was talking to John McCain and getting advice from him, What? How can you go from calling yourself a conservative to consorting with socialists in the span of 60 days. What we (Conservatives) need to do is what the liberals did when President Bush won, begin pointing out everything that BHO does that is wrong and how we as conservatives can do it better. But I am afraid that the leaders of the Republican party have fallen back to their losing ways and it is going to take another Reagan to wake up the true conservatives.  Earlier this week I read a “Tweet” from a Twitter friend that said she hoped that BHO would be a cross between JFK and FDR (How come it is ok for people to refer to JFK and FDR by their initials, but when I write BHO it is wrong and hateful?) I replied that I hope not because FDR extended and made the Great Depression worse. It makes me sad how normally rational people have just lost their mind over this individual that as of now has not shown a single executive/managerial skill. (If you question this evaluation, just look at his picks for Commerce and Treasury. )

Anyway, we have begun planning a trip to Tennessee with my parents in June to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary. (No cruise this year) and a Disney trip with neighbors in July. (More than likely Port Orleans-Riverside) 

Ready for VMWorld

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I am sitting in my kitchen, I finished packing for VMWorld, watching the FSU Seminoles whip up on UT Chatanooga. FSU looks pretty good.  But I digress. I was a guest last week for the podcast Political Gestures (look in itunes for it or go to Politicalgestures.com)  It went quite well if I do say so my self. I am looking forward to VMWorld I think the announcements should make the show exciting. there is supposed to be 14000 attendees. That is a bunch of people. I have scheduled face time with Xen/Citrix Executives and VMWare executives as well. I heard a rumor of a new pricing model which could lower our costs. I will be twittering and Twitpicing from the floor. follow me at http://twitter.com/jeepgeek Flying out tomorrow @ 6am should be a smooth flight except for flying around what is left of Ike.

Funniest Joke read this week.

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“What’s the difference between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama?”

“One is a well turned-out, good-looking, and let’s be honest, pretty sexy piece of eye-candy.

“The other kills her own food.”

Wow, what a week!

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First we have Gustav (Lots of Drama leading up to landfall, not much after) Then back to politics, the RNC had their convention and there were so many good moments but none were as good as Sarah Palin’s moment in the sun. (I love the line: Do you know what the difference is between a pitbull and a hockey mom….Lipstick) She is now the most popular person being searched on the Internet! She appears to be the heir apparent to Ronald Reagan. I am now a "Broken Glass, Burning Coal, Rusty Razor Blade" Republican. I am going to get my Absentee ballot as soon as they are printed and available. I am not going to miss this election for anything.

I stayed up last night talking to Greg McNaughten, of

Imagineering My Way

Political Gestures

At the Main Street Cinema

We recorded a podcast and while it went long I think it was a good show. (He usually has a 30 Min show and we went over an hour and a half.)

Next Sunday, I leave for VMWorld I am jazzed about this event, I have been invited to a couple of invitation only events that should be interesting.

I am also studying for my Certification update Boot Camp/Exams….

Hopefully during this trip I will be able to meet up with Will and Shannon from Magic Never Ends Podcast and have reservations on the 30th Dinner reservations at Jiko’s with Earl and "The Bleeping Wife" Mel from Trapped on Vacation fame. There is a rumor that " Jeff from Houston" from the Meandering Mouse podcast may be there at the same time.

Now it is Friday, and tomorrow is Battle Assembly (Drill) for September.

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